Monday, January 17, 2011

New Maine Landlord/Tenant Books...

Shankman & Associates is proud to announce the recent release of three new publications… updated versions of our Landlord Tenant book series. We have provided a trilogy of tips and tricks to help landlords, property managers, mobile home parks and others involved in the business of owning rental properties and managing tenants.

The 2010 seminar manual, Landlord Tenant Relations: Process & Procedures, is a comprehensive analysis detailing the practical realities of being a landlord or a property manager in Maine. The 198-page book covers everything from planning ahead to avoid tenant problems, to termination, abandonment, holdovers and abandoned property, to evictions, to the rights and obligations of the parties, to civil rights issues, to the impact of bankruptcy on eviction and collections. We have included samples of various forms, including notices, leases and other basic documentation.

The 2011 edition of the Maine Landlord-Tenant Statutes and Commentaries by Neil Shankman is the latest compilation of Maine law and analysis. Each statute that impacts landlord-tenant relations is presented, along with a detailed commentary, appropriate case citations and cross-references.

We have also recently published the 2011 edition of Maine Landlord-Tenant Relations in Mobile Home Parks & Land-leased Communities. This manual focuses on the statutes and court cases that influence tenant’s rights and responsibilities in mobile home parks. The book details the practical realities of being a park manager in Maine. The basic text and sample forms address creation of tenancies, landlord-tenant rights and responsibilities, evictions, discrimination, and the impact of bankruptcy on eviction and collections.

If you would like to order any of these books, give our Landlord/Tenant Paralegal,
Karen Cook, a call at 1-207-786-0311; e-mail us; or log on to our website.